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Get Ready for our BIG Fall Sale

April 26th & 27th at the EPEC in Glendive MT

Friday Pre Sale 7-9 PM 

Saturday 10- 2pm  

Saturday 3-6pm Half Price Sale

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With having 4 kids, you realize just how much stuff they go through and outgrow so fast! Garage sales are a pain and Facebook marketplace can be frustrating when people don't show up or try to low ball you. This will be a one-stop shop for both the sellers and the shopper. No running all over town to hit up garage sales or random peoples houses to pick things up! We moved back home in the fall of 2019 and where we lived before had a sale like this, and it was my favorite place to sell and buy my kids items! So I thought why not bring one to our Glendive! 


At each sale, it felt so great to purge all the clothing and toys they outgrew! Most families averaged $300 on their sellers checks, but I had a few sales where I took home more! And I scored awesome items for the next season for all my kids at 50-90% off retail prices! Kids go through so much it’s nice to help reduce what ends up in the landfills as well! 

Who we are


At ReTag It, we turn second hand shopping into an upscale experience. Since 2021, we’ve served as a premier Consignment Pop Up Shop in Glendive, MT. We’re committed to providing high-quality, gently used merchandise to the community in a tasteful, affordable way. 

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